Why GitLab is Not Ready for Big Repos

It’s rare that I have to complain about something enough to make a blog post about it, and my experience with GitLab has definitely met the criteria.

GitLab is a git repository hosting system with many similarities to GitHub, the largest code repository hosting service in the world.  The biggest, and possibly the best difference between it and GitHub is that GitLab is (mostly) open-source:  You can download the GitLab Community Edition software, chuck it on your server, and boom, you get world-class git repository management and the ability to handle Merge Requests (GitLab’s version of the ubiquitous Pull Request).  – MORE

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Migrating Gitlab from PostgreSQL to MySQL/MariaDB

First, I’ll go ahead and admit that I am biased against PostgreSQL:  It’s clunky, has a complex authentication system, and I can never get it to work completely to my liking.  Sure, most of that is probably inexperience, but after 5 years of working with it, I try to find any means possible to get it off my systems.  One of the last major sticking points to achieving that goal on my dedicated server is GitLab. – MORE

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Phabricator and Supervisor

When Space Station 14 was first getting its sea legs, we had the need for a project management system that could easily handle hundreds of developers, and had ways for the team to easily review changes without stumbling all over each other.  We ended up using Phabricator from Phacility, and while its effectiveness is debatable (Arcanist is a pain in the ass to install on Windows, for example), it has many useful features.  – MORE

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Disabling AverMedia’s Media Center Hotkeys

A year ago, I purchased an AverMedia C027 PCIe HD  capture card, so I could stream old retro games from my PS2, SNES, and N64.  While it works a lot better than the Hauppauge PVR, it still has a few issues.  I am reminded of these issues whenever I try to take a screencap with Fraps while playing a game: F10 brings up the AverMedia Media Center, which is a full-screen app that I have to use to configure the card’s input.  – MORE

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Resume Update

During my chat with TekSystems’ recruiter in Bellevue a few weeks ago, he asked me to go ahead and make some adjustments to my resume. The updated resume at the top of the page includes better association of skills with the positions I held, and details some of my responsibilities and accomplishments. I should have gotten this done a long time ago, but due to family emergencies and distractions, I ended up putting this off. – MORE

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Space Station 13 and VLC – Together At Last

A while ago, I wrote a simple media distribution system for use in Space Station 13, based on a very old and broken system by D2K5, designed to play remote media for all players in an area.  The idea was to have player-interactable jukeboxes and radio stations.  Most popular SS13 servers now use this system, and players have become familiar with muzak floating through the hallways while breaking open their friends’ heads with toolboxes. – MORE

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Whistle While You (Look For) Work

At the moment, my life is in a weird limbo.

The suddenness of getting hired in the middle of my last year of college had thrown a lot of things into whack, and it took me several months to wind down after getting put back on the market.  I still wake up in cold sweats, having experienced a plethora of weird dreams involving a collision of interests between college and work (such as a major release and a final exam on the same day).  – MORE

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More Blog Work

I’m going to be working on the blog over the next few days, mostly working on trying to make my resume more prevalent and making the site itself less funky looking. The theme’s great overall, but it has some derpiness, mostly with the front page layout and how thumbnails are handled.

Also, let me know if you’d like to see something on the site.  – MORE

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HHVM on Lighttpd – Walk in the Park

Just switched this server (dedi.nexisonline.net) to HHVM, a recode of PHP by Facebook. The process went smoother than expected, although I switched the ChanMan/testing server to HHVM a while ago, and therefore had some prior experience.

Unfortunately, HHVM has rather piss-poor documentation on how to get it running on Lighttpd, which is fairly odd, considering they have docs for Apache and nginx. – MORE

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