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MelonLoader Sold Out?!

Right now, there is a flurry of accusations being thrown around of MelonLoader’s staff giving logs and IPs to VRChat.  Many of these accusations are backed up with screenshots (low-resolution pls fix, 144px is a thumbnail not a screenshot) and logs, so they look pretty authentic, but what’s actually going on here?  Let’s throw all the walls of text, accusations, responses, and drama aside, and be objective, scientific, and reasonable.  – MORE

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CVE-2016-4171 and Disabling Adobe Flash

As has been happening frequently, another Adobe Flash security vulnerability has come to light (called CVE-2016-4171Mitre, Adobe).  Unfortunately, this vulnerability is being exploited in the wild, and, as usual, Adobe won’t have a fix available for several days, at least.

So, what can you – the end user – do to protect yourself?  Many browsers, including Firefox, already have Flash set to click-to-play by default, meaning that you have to click the Flash application before it’ll actually run.  – MORE

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Fixing HHVM “Read Timeout is Reached” Error

I’m working on a very large internal project that involves indexing several 4chan boards, along with content on several other *chans which currently do not have any external archive means. I’ve been using HHVM to keep performance high, as this system handles millions of rows in several tables, and uses a complex database schema for the new tagging system. It’s not quite ready yet, but I am slowly making progress. – MORE

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Migrating Gitlab from PostgreSQL to MySQL/MariaDB

First, I’ll go ahead and admit that I am biased against PostgreSQL:  It’s clunky, has a complex authentication system, and I can never get it to work completely to my liking.  Sure, most of that is probably inexperience, but after 5 years of working with it, I try to find any means possible to get it off my systems.  One of the last major sticking points to achieving that goal on my dedicated server is GitLab. – MORE

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Resume Update

During my chat with TekSystems’ recruiter in Bellevue a few weeks ago, he asked me to go ahead and make some adjustments to my resume. The updated resume at the top of the page includes better association of skills with the positions I held, and details some of my responsibilities and accomplishments. I should have gotten this done a long time ago, but due to family emergencies and distractions, I ended up putting this off. – MORE

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More Blog Work

I’m going to be working on the blog over the next few days, mostly working on trying to make my resume more prevalent and making the site itself less funky looking. The theme’s great overall, but it has some derpiness, mostly with the front page layout and how thumbnails are handled.

Also, let me know if you’d like to see something on the site.  – MORE

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