Official Response to PDtv’s Allegations

I want to take some time to address concerns that PDtv – a former employee of Squad – has made on Reddit and 4chan regarding KSP’s development.

When I was hired at Kerbal Space Program, I was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement due to the fact that I would have access to sensitive information, including trade secrets and personal information of both employees and users.  I therefore take NDAs seriously, and because of the fact that my NDA doesn’t expire (as far as I’m aware), I cannot comment on any of the allegations made by PDtv, despite the fact that he seems to bear no ill will towards me.  NDAs are a standard fixture in the game development industry, and it is important to follow them to the letter, both to continue one’s career, and because ethics demand it.

I appreciate the opportunity Squad and Team KSP have given me, and have moved on from Squad to continue my career as a game developer.