Screengrab, now with falsified reviews!

Yesterday, I made a hacked version of the Firefox addon Screengrab that removes the ads the author added.  Again, I understand the guy made the ads opt-inm and he needs the money for his sick kid, but some of us just don’t want adware anywhere on our computers.

Because of the new “feature”, the addon has been receiving lots of bad reviews, so today, I decided to check in to see how things were going on that front. – MORE

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High-Performance LODs with DynDOLOD 2.x

Skyrim is an old game, but still fun to play.  I occasionally use it to blow off steam, and have had plenty of experience modding it.  The following is an update to an earlier post that was written for DynDOLOD 1.49, which, as someone has pointed out, is ancient and the instructions no longer apply.  I use the following settings and receive no performance hits from DynDOLOD, since  have disabled the scripts that DynDOLOD likes to inject. – MORE

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How to Clean Skyrim Saves

I recently made a Skyrim mod to fix an annoying bug with Serana, one of the Dawnguard DLC’s characters.  She’s a rather complex entity, using her own AI to help quests in Dawnguard manipulate her follower status and “lock” her to the player when needed.  Unfortunately, this AI also clashes with mods like Extensible Follower Framework, which enable you to have more than one follower at a time.  – MORE

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Official Response to PDtv’s Allegations

I want to take some time to address concerns that PDtv – a former employee of Squad – has made on Reddit and 4chan regarding KSP’s development.

When I was hired at Kerbal Space Program, I was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement due to the fact that I would have access to sensitive information, including trade secrets and personal information of both employees and users.  – MORE

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Disabling AverMedia’s Media Center Hotkeys

A year ago, I purchased an AverMedia C027 PCIe HD  capture card, so I could stream old retro games from my PS2, SNES, and N64.  While it works a lot better than the Hauppauge PVR, it still has a few issues.  I am reminded of these issues whenever I try to take a screencap with Fraps while playing a game: F10 brings up the AverMedia Media Center, which is a full-screen app that I have to use to configure the card’s input.  – MORE

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Whistle While You (Look For) Work

At the moment, my life is in a weird limbo.

The suddenness of getting hired in the middle of my last year of college had thrown a lot of things into whack, and it took me several months to wind down after getting put back on the market.  I still wake up in cold sweats, having experienced a plethora of weird dreams involving a collision of interests between college and work (such as a major release and a final exam on the same day).  – MORE

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Themin’, Schemin’.

Eyesight is still recovering from my migraine cluster, but managed to get some banners and theming done for this.  I didn’t want to do anything too fancy, but this green is killing my eyes, so I might end up screwing around in the CSS.

Going to try and get some parser work done tomorrow for OpenBYOND.  Shouldn’t be too difficult, as the older C++ project still has some Flex rules I can cannibalize.  – MORE

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Oh god a blog

I realize I haven’t had a portfolio for a long time.  I’ve been meaning to get to it, but with all of my other projects going on, on top of some particularly hellish ocular migraines, my release has kind of been put on hold.

So, without further adieu, my partial portfolio is now live.  I hope to have some decent pictures up soon, and a better design once I feel artsy.  – MORE

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