I have a number of open-source projects running at any one time, most for purely selfish reasons, and other projects intended for use by entities I have worked for.

Game-Specific Stuff

  • VRChat (Unity 2019+) – I’ve found that VRChat is an excellent way to learn Unity’s art-side plumbing.

Ongoing Open Source Projects

  • python-build-tools: (Python 3.8+) Complex series of utilities for buildsystems.  Includes the powerful Maestro buildsystem, which can execute iterative, intelligent builds with a wide variety of tools.
  • mwi: MediaWiki farm management system. Uses static analysis techniques, database interfaces, and pygit2 to perform large-scale operations such as upgrading mediawiki and its plugins on multiple sites, while maintaining configuration data via YAML. Undergoing code cleanup prior to FOSS release.
  • pyCSBinaryWriter: (Python 3.8+) A simple-to-use library for interacting with binary data generated by .NET’s BinaryWriter, particularly 7-bit integers and strings.
  • select-identity: (Python 3.8+) Git extension that permits easy selection and management of alternate accounts. Useful for keeping professional and personal accounts separate.
  • ChanMan:  (PHP 7.x, Python 3.7) Automated bot that crawls and indexes 4chan, 8chan and Kusaba-based boards, and archives selected threads.  Threads can be selected manually or by search rule.  Currently being cleaned up for archive.org and open-source release. Runs on PHP 8, Python, and has 3 daemons (threaded crawler, thumbnailer/shephard, web interface).  Database is built on MariaDB, with tens of millions of rows in several tables.  Probably my oldest surviving project. Currently in stasis due to new ISP having data caps and Klein.php dying.

Non-FOSS Projects

  • Anobium: (CoffeeScript, JS, Python) Javascript obfuscation and delivery system, useful for ad delivery and adblocker detection. WIP.

Past/Inactive Open Source Projects

  • Luna Viewer: (C++) The first Second Life client with a built-in client-side Lua interpreter, also my first major C++ project.  Had a nice adblock-like plugin to block certain network assets on-the-fly. No longer maintained.
  • MineEdit:  C#-based minecraft map and inventory editor.  Capable of generating procedural terrain.  No longer maintained.
  • Minecart Mania:  (Java) Bukkit plugin I took over after the previous maintainer left.  Refactored much of it and added some new features.  No longer maintained.
  • Spade: (Java) A custom terrain generation solution for the old reverse-engineered Bukkit server for Minecraft.  Used on the 7chan Minecraft Server until it shut down several years ago.  No longer maintained.
  • BYONDTools:  (Python 2.7) Precursor and prototype of some of OpenBYOND’s more complicated technologies, including the object tree generator, rendering, and DMI handling.  Many servers use the dmmrender tool to render to-scale maps of their stations. Available on pip as the BYONDTools package. No longer maintained.
  • Space Station 13:  (BYOND) I used to work on this addictive 2D “workplace violence simulator”, mostly focusing on sweeping changes.  Rewrote several major systems, planned the massive antagonist roles system but never finished implementing.
  • UnityPatcher:  (C#) Semi-automated modding toolchain for decompiling and interfacing with obfuscated C# binaries.  Uses heavily-modified ILSpy and de4dot.  Works a treat.
  • HWLink: (C++, BYOND) A hardware banning system for BYOND games. In stasis.
  • 7chan – A competitor to 4chan, first site to use Kusaba. Personally added numerous additions and security improvements.
    • 7chanNG – Complete rewrite of 7chan using klein.php for routing, composer for package management, modified Phinx for PostgreSQL migrations, and Twig for templates.