I have quite a number of open-source projects running at any one time, some for purely selfish reasons, and other projects intended for use by entities I have worked for.

Ongoing Open Source Projects

  • OpenBYOND:  (C#) Free and Open Source drop-in replacement for the BYOND 2D game engine (WIP).  Uses MonoGame, an open-source replacement for the popular XNA game library.
  • BYONDTools:  (Python 2.7) Precursor and prototype of some of OpenBYOND’s more complicated technologies, including the object tree generator, rendering, and DMI handling.  Many servers use the dmmrender tool to render to-scale maps of their stations. Available on pip as the BYONDTools package.
  • Space Station 13:  (BYOND) I work on my own private branch of this addictive 2D “workplace violence simulator”, mostly focusing on sweeping changes.  Individual branches are listed below for the interested.
    • antag_roles:  Cleaning up the game mode system to make it more flexible and modular.  Largely completed, undergoing testing.
    • genetics2:  Rewrite of genetics to be more “big vats of clones and tubes” rather than “genetic slot machines”.  Currently stuck on some bugs with network formation.
  • Prebuild:  (C#) An open-source “meta-build-system”.  Permits C#/VB projects to define project structure for a multitude of development environments.  Crucial to OpenBYOND, forked from older, outdated OpenSim version.

Non-FOSS Projects

  • Bridge:  (C#) Semi-automated modding toolchain for decompiling and interfacing with obfuscated C# binaries.  Uses heavily-modified ILSpy and de4dot.  Still WIP.
  • ChanMan:  (PHP, Python 2.7) Automated bot that crawls and indexes 4chan and Kusaba-based boards, and archives selected threads.  Threads can be selected manually or by search rule.  Too complex to opensource, currently runs on PHP (HHVM), Python, and has 3 daemons (threaded crawler, thumbnailer/shephard, web interface).  Database is built on TokuDB, with tens of millions of rows in several tables.  Probably my oldest surviving project.
  • HWLink:  (C++) A hardware banning system for BYOND games.

Past/Inactive Open Source Projects

  • Luna Viewer: (C++) The first Second Life client with a built-in client-side Lua interpreter, also my first major C++ project.  Later, watered-down version of the notorious ShoopedLife viewer for griefing.  Had a nice adblock-like plugin to block certain network assets on-the-fly. No longer maintained.
  • MineEdit:  C#-based minecraft map and inventory editor.  Capable of generating procedural terrain.  No longer maintained.
  • Minecart Mania:  (Java) Bukkit plugin I took over after the previous maintainer left.  Refactored much of it and added some new features.  No longer maintained.
  • Spade: (Java) A custom terrain generation solution for Bukkit.  Used on the 7chan Minecraft Server until it shut down several years ago.  No longer maintained.