Screengrab – Clean Edition

I noticed that Screengrab (a firefox addon I use for screenshots of full webpages) started offering advertisements.  While the ads offered are opt-in, the fact that they’re just lurking in the code bothered the hell out of me.  I understand the guy needs the money, as he has a sick kid, but injecting advertisements is not the way to go about it.

I therefore reverse-engineered Screengrab and have made a fresh XPI without the ads.  In fact, all references to advertisements have been removed, including preferences.


  1. Remove the existing Screengrab you have installed.
  2. Click here. (SHA256: edcf8e1510069be19b3374658a6e575a3b3fe20233d71360ee4664a041799685)
  3. Accept the security warning.  (I am too lazy to go through the signing process.)
  4. Restart


In case you’re interested in what I changed, download WinMerge and 7-zip, then extract the two XPIs with 7-zip.  Compare the two directories with WinMerge.

This version is based on Screengrab (Fix Version) v0.99.04c.