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Category: Development

FTD – Lua, Missiles, and APIs, Oh My

I should probably use this blog more often.  Here it sits, gathering dust, while I work on things that people would like to know more about.

A while ago, I started working on a game from Brilliant Skies, Ltd. called From the Depths.  Placing the game in a particular genre is difficult:  It’s got voxel-building, like Minecraft. It has real-time Strategy elements, like Starcraft.  – MORE

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Screengrab, now with falsified reviews!

Screengrab, now with falsified reviews!

Yesterday, I made a hacked version of the Firefox addon Screengrab that removes the ads the author added.  Again, I understand the guy made the ads opt-inm and he needs the money for his sick kid, but some of us just don’t want adware anywhere on our computers.

Because of the new “feature”, the addon has been receiving lots of bad reviews, so today, I decided to check in to see how things were going on that front. – MORE

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Official Response to PDtv’s Allegations

I want to take some time to address concerns that PDtv – a former employee of Squad – has made on Reddit and 4chan regarding KSP’s development.

When I was hired at Kerbal Space Program, I was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement due to the fact that I would have access to sensitive information, including trade secrets and personal information of both employees and users.  – MORE

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Why GitLab is Not Ready for Big Repos

It’s rare that I have to complain about something enough to make a blog post about it, and my experience with GitLab has definitely met the criteria.

GitLab is a git repository hosting system with many similarities to GitHub, the largest code repository hosting service in the world.  The biggest, and possibly the best difference between it and GitHub is that GitLab is (mostly) open-source:  You can download the GitLab Community Edition software, chuck it on your server, and boom, you get world-class git repository management and the ability to handle Merge Requests (GitLab’s version of the ubiquitous Pull Request).  – MORE

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Phabricator and Supervisor

When Space Station 14 was first getting its sea legs, we had the need for a project management system that could easily handle hundreds of developers, and had ways for the team to easily review changes without stumbling all over each other.  We ended up using Phabricator from Phacility, and while its effectiveness is debatable (Arcanist is a pain in the ass to install on Windows, for example), it has many useful features.  – MORE

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Space Station 13 and VLC – Together At Last

A while ago, I wrote a simple media distribution system for use in Space Station 13, based on a very old and broken system by D2K5, designed to play remote media for all players in an area.  The idea was to have player-interactable jukeboxes and radio stations.  Most popular SS13 servers now use this system, and players have become familiar with muzak floating through the hallways while breaking open their friends’ heads with toolboxes. – MORE

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