Month: October 2014

Space Station 13 and VLC – Together At Last

A while ago, I wrote a simple media distribution system for use in Space Station 13, based on a very old and broken system by D2K5, designed to play remote media for all players in an area.  The idea was to have player-interactable jukeboxes and radio stations.  Most popular SS13 servers now use this system, and players have become familiar with muzak floating through the hallways while breaking open their friends’ heads with toolboxes. – MORE

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Whistle While You (Look For) Work

At the moment, my life is in a weird limbo.

The suddenness of getting hired in the middle of my last year of college had thrown a lot of things into whack, and it took me several months to wind down after getting put back on the market.  I still wake up in cold sweats, having experienced a plethora of weird dreams involving a collision of interests between college and work (such as a major release and a final exam on the same day).  – MORE

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More Blog Work

I’m going to be working on the blog over the next few days, mostly working on trying to make my resume more prevalent and making the site itself less funky looking. The theme’s great overall, but it has some derpiness, mostly with the front page layout and how thumbnails are handled.

Also, let me know if you’d like to see something on the site.  – MORE

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