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Get pretty LODs like this without the performance impact.

High-Performance LODs with DynDOLOD 2.x

Skyrim is an old game, but still fun to play.  I occasionally use it to blow off steam, and have had plenty of experience modding it.  The following is an update to an earlier post that was written for DynDOLOD 1.49, which, as someone has pointed out, is ancient and the instructions no longer apply.  I use the following settings and receive no performance hits from DynDOLOD, since  have disabled the scripts that DynDOLOD likes to inject.

  1. Install DynDOLOD’s executables (the file named DynDOLOD 2.xx) to somewhere outside of MO or Skyrim.  I personally just dumped it in Downloads\Skyrim\DynDOLOD.
  2. Open Mod Organizer.
  3. Click the Modify Executables button.
  4. Add DynDOLOD Texgen first:
    • Name: DynDOLOD TexGen
    • Binary: […]\DynDOLOD\TexGen.exe
  5. Next, add DynDOLOD itself:
    • Name: DynDOLOD
    • Binary: […]\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD.exe
  6. Close the Modify Executables dialogue.
  7. Download and install DynDOLOD Resources via MO.  Install stuff you want.
  8. Download and install DynDOLOD Patches via MO, if needed. (I need it for Lanterns of Skyrim.)  This should follow DynDOLOD Resources in your load order.
  9. Download and install TESLODGEN and any additional files you need, such as Vurt’s SFO and Simply Bigger Trees (SSBT) billboards. Ensure these are loaded after DynDOLOD Resources and DynDOLOD Patches.
  10. Run DynDOLOD TexGen from MO to generate textures.
  11. Select an output directory for texgen.  I used F:\ModOrganizer\mods\DynDOLOD - TexGen Output\.
  12. Start and wait.  Go grab a beer, watch some TV.  Ignore it if it whines about DynDOLOD-temp being undeletable.  That’s normal.
  13. Refresh MO’s mod list, then move DynDOLOD – TexGen Output after your TES5LODGEN billboards.
  14. Start DynDOLOD from MO.
  15. After ignoringreading the manual dialogue, click on Advanced >>>.
  16. Click on Low, Medium, or High, depending upon your preferences.  I use Medium as my base and enable FXGlow and Windows.
  17. IMPORTANT: UNCHECK Generate DynDOLOD or your save will implode.  This step will give you a giant performance boost over the stock settings. Trust me, you don’t want 2000 ActiveScripts.
  18. In the list of worlds, select Tamriel.
  19. Set Output Path to a new MO mod. I use F:\ModOrganizer\mods\DynDOLOD - Output\.  DELETE ANY DATA LEFT OVER FROM AN OLDER VERSION OF DynDOLOD!
  20. Save preset, overwrite DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_TES5.ini (thus becoming your default).
  21. Hit OK and go do something entertaining, like watch the UK fall apart.
  22. Save & Exit when it’s done.
  23. Ensure the DynDOLOD – Output mod is below the TexGen output.
  24. Your final load order should look like this:
    1. DynDOLOD Resources
    2. DynDOLOD Patches (optional)
    4. TES5LODGEN patches
    5. DynDOLOD – TexGen Output
    6. DynDOLOD – Output
  25. Ensure DynDOLOD.esp is enabled.
  26. Sort your plugins with LOOT.

You’re done!  You may want to clean your save of any scripts and forms from the old DynDOLOD.esp using Save Game Script Cleaner.