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I realize I haven’t had a portfolio for a long time.  I’ve been meaning to get to it, but with all of my other projects going on, on top of some particularly hellish ocular migraines, my release has kind of been put on hold.

So, without further adieu, my partial portfolio is now live.  I hope to have some decent pictures up soon, and a better design once I feel artsy.  As for the software choice: I didn’t feel like re-inventing the wheel when WordPress would do just fine.  Comments are disabled since I don’t feel like scraping the spam off every week or so, particularly when this site is going to be fairly unloved after installation, bar the occasional security updates.

Over the coming days, I’ll be switching the server over to HHVM so I can play with the Facebook language improvements, and also so I can slap a pretty logo on the bottom bar.

And yes, I am aware people will be spamming my phone and email.  I already screen calls.